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Jazyk pro každodenní použití

Our online language courses are built and delivered with a strong focus on fluency and practical skills.

We make sure you learn how to
- speak and get your message through,
- listen and understand with confidence,
- read effectively, and
- write clearly and in style.

Communication skills
Improve your communication skills and gain confidence in realistic everyday contexts.
Practise conversation skills along with sharpening your grammar and vocabulary.
How long does it take you to understand and respond in real-life situations?
With us you can dramatically shorten your thinking time and improve your listening skills.

Topic-based materials
Our lessons are based on specific topics, e.g. "Get a new life!", "Success or failure", etc. So you learn how to use the language in a very natural way. The vocabulary and the grammar of each lesson are relevant to the topic. Our interactive lessons provide a wealth of authentic resources, such as videos and audios, internet links, articles, e-books and more. They put you in the context of what is going on in the world and show you how English is used today. Practice materials provide all kinds of activities shared among courses or built into specific learning paths. They include exercises, surveys, self-assessments, quizzes, listening activities, and more. Revision activities make sure learners properly acquired the material and can apply it to practical uses. Revision activities include comprehension questions, batteries of tests, exam preparation, etc.

Learn by doing
In the virtual classroom you concentrate better and are fully involved in the lesson. You also learn by doing, thanks to pair-work and online group activities. You can rely on our tutors for help, advice and feedback.