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People Skills in English

Let's talk about the skills we need to interact with others at work.
What comes to mind first are communications and interpersonal skills... then skills to manage upwards... skills to deal with office politics.
Everyone learns early in the career that it is not enough to work hard. It doesn’t count if no one knows about it. If you want to get noticed and appreciated by the right people you have to self-promote. To do it subtly and efficiently you need those people skills.
To win support for your brilliant idea you have to communicate it effectively to the right audience.
Your soft skills are the promotional tool for your hard skills. Remember what Martin Probst said: "Building relationships and communication skills are more important than hard skills. Technical skills may get you the job, but soft skills will make or break you as a leader."
Here's a list of people skills that your career depends on. Master them and you'll be able to engage, influence, and earn the support of others. By the way, prepare to be assessed on some or all of these in your performance reviews.
Communication skills – being able to actively listen to others and articulate your ideas in writing and verbally to any audience in a way where you are heard and you achieve the goals you intended with that communication.
Facilitating skills – being able to coordinate and solicit well represented opinions and feedback from a group with diverse perspectives to reach a common, best solution.
Interpersonal relationship skills – effectively at building trust, finding common ground, having empathy, and ultimately building good relationships with people at work and in your network. This skill is closely related to Communication Skills. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel.
Leadership skills – defining and communicating vision and ideas that inspires others to follow with commitment and dedication.
Management skills – creating and motivating a high performing team with people of varied skills, personalities, motivations, and work styles.
Meeting management skills – leading a meeting to efficiently and effectively reach productive results. At least 50% of meetings today are a waste of time.
Mentoring / coaching skills - providing constructive wisdom, guidance, and/or feedback that can help others further their career development
Presentation skills – effectively presenting your work results and ideas formally to an audience that captivates their attention, engage their input, and motivates them to act in accordance to your desired outcome. While presentation skills is a form of communication skills, I decided to list it separately given the ability to present plays a huge role in any business profession especially as you move up in your career.
Selling skills - building buy-in to an idea, a decision, an action, a product, or a service. This is not just for people in sales.
Teamwork skills – being able to work effectively with anyone with different skill sets, personalities, work styles, or motivation level to achieve a better team result.